10 pro tips to make your US Open Snapchat Story a smash hit

Even if you're only the occasional Snapchat user, chances are you'll whip out your phone when you're out doing something really, really awesome. So, why not make the most of those awesome moments, to make your followers at home even more jealous?

If you're heading to the US Open this year – or any big sporting event, for that matter – we've got some pro tips that will turn up the quality of your Snapchat Story. Simply charge up your phone, grab your sunscreen and read the following list to serve up the best snaps from Arthur Ashe Stadium. 

Use geofilters

Tell your audience where in the world you are. There should be some cool US Open-specific ones, in addition to the usual Flushing and Queens offerings. For those who will be in NYC but not necessarily at the tournament, there will also be some special Snapchat geofilters available in Times Square starting on August 25th, so be sure to look out for those. It's a good idea to check out which ones are available before you really get to snapping, so you can position some of your images to include particular geofilters.  Read more...

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