5 hilarious fathers on Twitter who offer up more than ‘dad jokes’


Dads are in

Across media, entertainment and pop culture, there's a growing fascination with fathers and all the trappings of fatherhood, from the dad joke renaissance taking place on social media to the "Dad Bod" trend sweeping the nation.

The best thing about dad humor? You don't need to be one to chuckle (though the jokes may resonate more if you just spent an hour cleaning up toddler poop)

For a good laugh, and maybe some empathy, check out these nine hysterical dads on Twitter.


Our NYE tradition is to pick an youtube clip of a ball drop, pretend it's live & still get the boys to bed by 9. Tonight we'll ring in 1991.

— ReasonsMySonIsCrying (@ReasonsMySonCry) December 31, 2014

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