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SocialRank Realtime helps marketers get more proactive on social media

 SocialRank co-founder Alex Taub classifies most brand interactions on social media into two broad categories. They’re either broadcasting to all of their followers or, if they’re communicating individually, it’s usually in a reactive way, like responding to a complaint. With the just-launched SocialRank Realtime, Taub and his team are trying to enable something different.… Read More

NASA discovered 7 Earth-sized planets and everyone made the same Trump jokes

Finally — some good news. NASA has found what pretty much appears to be a backup solar system a mere 40 light-years away. And not a moment too soon.

Scientists discovered seven Earth-sized exoplanets circling a dwarf star, TRAPPIST-1, and everyone on Earth is ready to sign up for a one-way ticket to the new system. (Using current technology, it would be nearly impossible for humans to get to the planetary system, however. #Thanks2017.)


Everyone also immediately made the scientific achievement about the 45th president. With seven new worlds suddenly available, the possibilities seemed endless. Earthlings could send Trump to the new system. He could mess up these exoplanets before destroying Earth. Or we could all flee to these new worlds and leave Trump behind. Read more...

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Peter Thiel company reportedly helped NSA spy program

Peter Thiel is a man who enjoys both the having of cake and the putting of that cake into the largest hole in his face.

He's written that "A free press is vital for public debate," yet financed a lawsuit that bankrupted Gawker Media. He's buddy-buddy with "America First" President Donald Trump, but if his friend winds up ruining the United States, Thiel's got citizenship in New Zealand. And now, thanks to a report by The Intercept, it sounds like Thiel has worked to sharpen government surveillance while his company (and he) has claimed a fondness for privacy. 

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Wattpad debuts Tap, an app for reading chat-style short stories

 A new mobile app called Tap, launching today, introduces a different way to read stories on your phone: as text message-like chats. The app is the latest from Wattpad, a social publishing platform for authors whose community now includes over 45 million readers worldwide, who visit its site or its flagship mobile app to read its nearly 250 million stories. With Tap, Wattpad is stepping… Read More

Twitter debuts custom profiles for businesses, so people don’t think they’re talking to bots

 Twitter this morning is launching a new customer service feature for businesses using its service, which will allow agents to respond to direct messages using custom profiles. That is, their names and profile pictures will display when they are engaged in conversations with customers, instead of the company’s Twitter photo and name. The idea is to give these service interactions a… Read More

The Pope is still enjoying a one-way Twitter beef with Trump

It's been a busy few weeks since President Donald Trump was inaugurated but that hasn't kept one of our favorite feuds, between Trump and Pope Francis, from rolling on.

Admittedly, it's been a one-sided affair since the two first traded barbs last February over Trump's plans to build a wall. "A person who thinks only about building walls, wherever they may be, and not building bridges, is not Christian," the pope said at the time. Trump called the pope "disgraceful" in response. 

In recent times, the pope has continued to deliver shade at Trump's immigration policy in his tweets. Trump, so far, has not bitten back.  Read more...

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Now Twitter loses head of entertainment talent and director of finance

 Twitter can’t seem to stop the management bleeding, which is complicating its attempts to pull off a turnaround after a tough year of layoffs and sinking share price. Yesterday its head of entertainment talent Lara Cohen, a major figure leading partnerships with content creators, left the company. Today, a director of finance David Bicknell is departing, though he’s more of a… Read More