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Rural working men are finding wellbeing on grassroots Facebook pages

Luke Baker has worked in the most remote reaches of Australia and Papua New Guinea, but leaving his family is always a painful rupture. But Facebook is helping in surprising ways.

Now based in Bundaberg, Queensland, he was sent to mining camps as a "fly-in, fly-out" worker (or FIFO), where he'd often spend around three weeks on-site and one week off in an endless, "torturous" cycle.

"There was one time where my wife dropped me off to the airport and I just remember my step-daughter, she was really struggling with it at the time," Baker said, "telling me she hated my work and wanted me to stay home forever. Read more...

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Worried about your public Facebook data? You might want to try these tools

If you're a Facebook user, by now you probably know that every "like" and piece of information gets aggregated into a set of anonymized data, which eventually turns into advertising dollars for the social media giant. 

Facebook offers multiple layers of privacy settings so the world doesn't have to see every cringeworthy photo your mom uploaded and tagged you in. Still, changing those settings can be pretty time-consuming. Trust us, we get it. 

But as mass surveillance and digital privacy becomes more of a prevalent threat, you might want to know, at the very least, what information about you is public. Two tools that can help you do that — at least when it comes to your Facebook data — are Data Selfie and Stalkscan. Read more...

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What Zuck’s letter didn’t say

 He might not want to run for office any time soon, but Mark Zuckerberg has perfected the time-honored political art of talking a lot without saying anything. In a sprawling letter consisting mostly of feel-good mumbo jumbo and a light sprinkling of feature ideas, the Facebook visionary laid out 5,700 words worth of nonspecific stuff that sounds nice. Like fellow Facebook feel-gooder Sheryl… Read More

7 reasons why Facebook will autoplay sound despite complaints

 If you’re freaking out about Facebook starting to autoplay videos with sound by default, at least it won’t pause or play on top of music you’re already listening to through apps like Spotify. Facebook confirmed to TechCrunch today that sound will not autoplay on Facebook videos if you’re already listening to something on your device. You’ll have to tap the sound… Read More

London tourist attraction is getting dragged for sexist Valentine’s social media campaign

One of London's most popular tourist attractions is being dragged on social media for their "sexist and tasteless" marketing campaign for Valentine's Day. 

The London Dungeon, which recreates the city's gory and macabre historical events in a gallows humour style, has apologised after posting a series of dark "jokes" on its official Facebook page. The posts seemed to praise femicide, incite fat-shaming and the killing of sex workers, and glorify women killers such as Jack the Ripper, Henry VIII and Sweeney Todd.  Read more...

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