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Pinterest Co-Founder Evan Sharp On International Ambitions, The Apple Watch, The SF Housing Crisis And More

evan sharp interest As part of a larger story about Pinterest’s Jumpstart program — a new experiment in its international expansion — I sat down with Pinterest co-founder Evan Sharp to talk about the company and its current goals. We spoke at length about how Pinterest is structured internally, what they’re looking for and how they are thinking about the Apple Watch Read More

Pinterest’s Plans To Build Its International Playbook

Pinterest Tokyo Office On April 1st, Pinterest’s country manager in Japan Naoki Sadakuni got some of the engineering support he’d been wanted for a while. Five team members from Pinterest’s headquarters arrived to the company’s Tokyo office in an experiment the company is running called “Jumpstart.” It’s Pinterest’s first run at shipping a small team from the… Read More

Pinterest’s Head Of Partnerships Hints At Company’s “Aggressive Roadmap” For 2015

joanne-bradford22 Pinterest’s Head of Partnerships Joanne Bradford, spoke in more detail about the social network’s recently announced plans to open up to third-party developers at the TechCrunch Disrupt NY conference this morning and how it aims to make good on its multi-billion dollar valuation through a number of product launches, enhancements, and an expansion to new markets. The company has… Read More

Pinterest’s Evan Sharp: Guys are on here, too


Pinterest has gotten the same rap for years: it's a great looking service used far more by women than men.

Evan Sharp, Pinterest's cofounder and Chief Creative Officer, doesn't contest the fact (nor does he say anything is particularly wrong with it), but Sharp maintains the ratio of women to men is gradually shifting.

Earlier this year, the five-year-old San Francisco startup announced that men are actually its fastest-growing user demographic, with the number of men pinning and re-pinning doubling in 2014 to an unspecified number.

Data from comScore, the web analytics firm, bears that out. From March 2014 to March 2015, Pinterest's user base climbed 25% year-over-year to 72.8 million monthly active users. And during the same period, male users grew 2.2% to make up 21.9 million of its overall user base. That's a small, but significant uptick. Read more...

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10 photo collage templates to make your Pinterest posts pop


Whether you want to showcase your cats, kids, crafts or cookery, photo collages make for a fab way to spice up your Pinterest posts.

We've taken a look at few sites that offer fantastic free designs to inspire you.

Check out our 10 collage choices below. Have we missed a site you swear by? Then shout it out in the comments

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Kitten image courtesy of Flickr, meliha tunckanat

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