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Maxine Waters tweets Trump impeachment joke, gets best response

Holy crap. Every time you think President Trump and his administration can't possibly get any worse at using Twitter ... they do.

It's just — it's truly unbelievable, and on Wednesday afternoon, things escalated when the official Twitter account of Trump's very own Secretary of Transportation, Elaine Chao, tweeted something so phenomenal, so absurd, so utterly LOL-worthy that, though it's been deleted, it will leave a permanent imprint on our hearts for the rest of time.

This wasn't one of Trump's passionate insults or Sean Spicer's accidental password tweets. Instead, Chao's account tweeted in support of Trump's impeachment at the coolest Democratic congresswoman in all the land, Maxine Waters. Does it get any better? Read more...

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Donald Trump Jr. tweeted about the London attack — and got instantly dragged

Politicians are often accused of trying to capitalise on terror attacks for their own agenda. 

So when Donald Trump Jr. sent a contemptuous tweet criticising London Mayor Sadiq Khan in the aftermath of the Westminster terror attack that left three dead, Britons weren't happy. 

The U.S. president's son tweeted a link to a September 2016 story in The Independent, quoting Khan as saying terror attacks were "part and parcel of living in a big city."

You have to be kidding me?!: Terror attacks are part of living in big city, says London Mayor Sadiq Khan

— Donald Trump Jr. (@DonaldJTrumpJr) March 22, 2017

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Twitter finally finds a way to silence Piers Morgan — and for a good cause

It is safe to say that Piers Morgan has stirred some controversy lately, from calling people attending the Women's Marches in January "rabid feminists" to his Twitter feud with J.K. Rowling. 

So when he pledged to go silent on social media for 24 hours if the British public raised £5,000 ($6,225) for Comic Relief, somebody saw an opportunity. 

After the announcement, Lord Sugar, the host of the UK edition of The Apprentice, posted a video on Twitter offering to pay the entire sum to shut him up. 

Just had the bargain of the century. Silenced @piersmorgan for a day on twitter @gmb @susannareid100. It’s my duty to the nation

— Lord Sugar (@Lord_Sugar) March 22, 2017

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Twitter suspends over 600,000 extremist accounts but still manages to feel like a flaming garbage pile

Twitter revealed that it has suspended hundreds of thousands of accounts in an effort "to combat violent extremism."  

So why does the service still feel like it's chock full of extremist assholes?

The numbers, released on Tuesday in Twitter's 10th semiannual Transparency Report, are striking. 

Between Aug. 1, 2015, and Dec. 31, 2016, Twitter suspended 636,248 accounts — with 376,890 of those suspensions coming in the second half of 2016 alone. Of the latter group, the report notes that internal teams were responsible for 74 percent of those suspensions, as opposed to users reporting content.  Read more...

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Twitter launching Live video API tomorrow

 Twitter is about to make it much easier for media publishers to post live video broadcasts with the launch of a live video API tomorrow morning. The API will let companies hook up professional broadcasting and video editing equipment to Twitter with more powerful integrations than Twitter’s existing Periscope Producer feature. The forthcoming API was first reported last week by The… Read More