Cloudy skies give Manhattanhenge photos a Monet-like feel


Instagrammers couldn't get enough of the celestial phenomenon known as Manhattanhenge Friday evening despite disappointing conditions.

Manhattan was aglow with a smeared golden light as the sun aligned with city cross streets, bursting through a cloudy sky. The haziness gave photos of the biannual phenomenon a Monet-like quality

Manhattanhenge fans were saddened by the weather's impact on the typically voluminous sun, but that didn't stop crowds from blocking intersections.

Years ago when Neil deGrasse Tyson first discovered the cosmic positioning (he coined the term Manhattanhenge after Stonehenge), he was alone in the middle of the street taking photos of a glowing orb squeezed between rows of tall buildings. Now droves of people flock to capture the scene Read more...

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