Did Dick Costolo really understand Twitter?


Outgoing Twitter CEO Dick Costolo was standing on the precipice, surveying an uncertain Twitter future, when activist investor Chris Sacca came along and all but pushed him over

It would be too easy to say Sacca led directly to Costolo's resignation — but after the investor's 8,500 word screed, Costolo may well have been hanging on by his fingernails.

On Thursday, Costolo lost purchase on the cliff and tumbled out of the CEO slot, a position he’s held since 2010. Founder Jack Dorsey is the interim CEO starting July 1. If you were looking for cause, it’s pretty simple: lack of user growth, not enough revenue growth and a slumping stock price. Sacca’s diatribe, which has a few good suggestions buried in it, added fuel to that fire Read more...

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