Hey, Trump golf club, what’s this cursed vegetable tube on your menu?

I would like 17-20 corns with a microgreen spliff, please.

On Monday, the Trump National Golf Club in the Hudson Valley tweeted an image of a dish that is apparently available at the resort. No one knows what the dish is, exactly, but I'll say this: It does not look like it would fill you up.

Trump National Hudson Valley - so much more to your Membership! pic.twitter.com/NFDG6tNP5E

— Trump Hudson Valley (@TrumpGolfHV) August 20, 2018

A few attempts at identification: We've got a wrap of some kind — a tortilla? vermicelli situation? a thinly sliced root vegetable — filled with microgreens, perhaps pea shoots. We've got four cherry tomato halves on top of that. In front of the tube, we've got a mustard-y yellow sauce (this could be good, as many yellow sauces are good) dotted with kernels of corn. Behind the tube, there's a decorative twist. A plantain? A cracker? I don't know! Read more...

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