Instagram’s Queer Appalachia brings love — and services — to those who need it most

There are far more people in Appalachia then those same three Trump voters in a diner you've been hearing about for the past two years. You just need to know where to look.

Might I suggest the Instagram account Queer Appalachia, the hands-down best place to find biblically inspired PreP gowns, goth Easter iconography, J.D. Vance memes, anti-pipeline vibrator cookie cutters, opossum nativity scenes, and queer and trans people living in the heart of the Bible Belt.

Founded just two years ago, Queer Appalachia has since built a fan base of 48,500 followers. While the account was initially created to celebrate queer Appalachian culture, it's evolved to become something much greater, grander, and bustier.  Read more...

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