Is it legal for authorities to check your social media at the U.S. border?

If you're not from the United States, U.S. government officials may request your phone at the border. They may scroll through your Facebook feed. They may search your phone contacts. But according to lawyers, whether or not this is actually legal is a confusing mess. 

According to immigration lawyers Mashable spoke with on Monday, the law is, at best, unclear on whether government officials can comb through pieces of your digital life to determine whether you are allowed to set foot in the country. 

Right now, immigration lawyers told Mashable that government officials often ask for immigrants and foreign travelers to hand over their phone so the official can scroll through social media information and more. But if that practice were to come up against a serious legal test — or if the practice became more widespread — lawyers say it would likely run into huge legal hurdles.  Read more...

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