Now you can use emoji to look up cat videos on YouTube

In a move that makes it possible to seamlessly combine your love of emoji with adorable animal videos, a group of researchers has built a prototype of a search engine that uses the tiny icons to search videos.

Called Emoji2Video, the search engine was made by researchers at the University of Amsterdam and Qualcomm Research as a way to show how emoji can be used to give a dense, easy-to-understand representation of what's happening in images and videos — something that you can comprehend no matter what language you speak, or whether or not you can read.

Visitors to the site can click on one or more emoji from a curated list of 385 (the current full list curated by a group called the Unicode Consortium contains nearly 1,300 of them, but the researchers excluded ones they didn't think would be that relevant to video searches, like symbols and numbers, and ones that were somewhat duplicative)The pictograms you choose will be used to search a data set of 45,000 YouTube videos for relevant matches. Read more...

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