Quiz: decipher these 25 marketing & business buzzwords

I’ve been waging a personal war on marketing buzzwords and corporate jargon since I began writing for digital marketing publications a few years ago.

Jargon can make learning about your chosen industry difficult. Buzzwords can make interacting with colleagues seem intimidating. Corporate language can make outsiders think that you’re company is full of people they’d rather cross the road to avoid.

The other major problem with jargon is that the majority of the people who use it, aren’t necessarily using it correctly…

“Watch me leverage this phone to make a call.”

“Excuse me?”

“It doesn’t matter. Go leverage me another couple of cans of synergy.”

“I think I might hand in my notice now.”

So to give you a helping hand, we’ve built a little quiz to help you decipher the 25 most common buzzwords and phrases you may unfortunately come across in you working life.

But just remember, if you say any of the following non-ironically or at home to your friends and family, then you should go to prison…

Share your scores and Twitter and you might get a prize from us*

*Prize will be in the form of an emoji. But it will be specially chosen!

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