#SaveTwitter: How the fake hashtag created fears Twitter was shutting down

The people of Twitter are collectively freaking out about Twitter.

The dramatic hashtag #SaveTwitter started picking up steam on Wednesday, with people speculating the platform plans to shut down in 2017. 

The hashtag was originally used on Tuesday during a Twitter outage, which wiped out the followers of every user. The incident only lasted a few minutes, with follower counts quickly rectified, but #SaveTwitter had already begun.

The first tweets using the #SaveTwitter hashtag were mocking the #SaveMarinaJoyce hashtag, with tweets asking for Twitter to send a sign it isn't in trouble. Marina Joyce is a British YouTube star, who became the center of an internet rally when people became concerned for her wellbeing. Many people believed her YouTube videos showed signs she was being held captive or being abused, all claims which she has since continuously refuted.  Read more...

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