Snapchat now has holiday geofilters so prepare for an onslaught

If a party doesn't have its own custom Snapchat filter, did it even happen? 

Not according to Snapchat. The filter-friendly OGs launched a jolly new feature this Friday: holiday party filters, for all your celebratory needs. 

Complete with winter-y borders, yule tide appropriate typography and of course, holiday Bitmojis in your likeness, the app's on-demand custom geofilter platform has gone into unapologetic, end of year overdrive. 

Office holiday parties will never be the same again.  

It works much the same way as any other custom geofilter on the app. Users willing to fork over cash for the feature can use all manner of borders, slogans and additional images to create their perfect geofilter.  Read more...

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