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Mother’s Day Facebook posts outpaced Super Bowl mentions


This year's Mother's Day was a banner one for Facebook.

The social network said about 229 million people worldwide used Facebook to send 1.8 billion posts or messages about Mother's Day on Sunday — racking up more mentions than the Super Bowl, the NCAA tournament and the Sochi Olympics combined. For comparison, a total of about 936 million people use the platform daily, according to the company's most recent statistics.

The soar in stats highlights the fact that Mother's Day is exactly the type of occasion that Facebook is ideal for. With a much wider-reaching audience than any other social network, Facebook remains the go-to network for personal communications like holidays and birthdays, according to Pew Research Read more...

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You do not want to date these social media sites


While you might use social media to date, have you considered what it might be like to date social media itself?

YouTuber Emma Blackery filmed a sketch where she imagined going on first dates with various personifications of social media sites. As one might expect, Facebook is a little obsessed with who you know, Snapchat has the shortest attention span ever, and Instagram just wants to stare at food

Google Plus is just very, very, very depressed.

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Meet the Instagrammer who’s on a mission to change the world


American Greetings

The ThankList is presented by American Greetings. We've all heard of a bucketlist, but what about a ThankList? It's a list of people you want to thank for shaping you as a person. And a step toward a world that's just a little bit nicer. Who’s on your ThankList?

If the Internet had neighborhoods, Facebook, Twitter and their peers would inhabit the ritzy areas where, beneath perfectly manicured grass and picturesque white picket fences, self-obsession and hostility can erupt without warning. Are your hedges uneven? Are your shoes the wrong brand? Your entire life is under scrutiny and little good comes from it Read more...

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Grandma tries to blow out birthday candles, blows out her dentures instead


Centenarians can get away with pretty much anything

For 102-year-old Nonnie, this includes spitting your dentures out while attempting to blow out birthday candles. Photojournalist Lynsey Addario captured the absurd moment during a celebration for her grandmother's birthday in Connecticut.

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Look far into the distance for our photo challenge


For this week's Mashable Photo Challenge, focus your eyes on things that are far into the distance

Look for leading lines on lengthy roads, or for settings that seem to have an everlasting depth. Try placing your subjects at the opposite side of the room before taking their portrait. And browse landscapes and cityscapes for photo opportunities that might show far beyond what's right in front of your eyes.

Conor MacNeill, a London-based travel photographer, will be our guest host.

"My photography started as a by-product of my love of traveling, and Instagram was just a further extension of that," he said. MacNeill, originally from Northern Ireland, started actively using Instagram while in China because it was the only social network he was able to access. Known as "thefella" on Instagram, he now has close to 200,000 dedicated followers. Read more...

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Silent video may become your brand’s loudest statement


A couple of years ago I was on a family trip. I turned on the hotel television and found a children's network. Midway through the show all hell broke loose"What is that?! What happened to my show?! Why are they doing that?!"At 5 years old, my son had just seen his first block of TV commercials. Before this experience his media diet consisted of Netflix, TiVo, and DVDs — all commercial-free. And now he was a captive audience.

A struggle for control creates a new standard

His Gen Z outrage was over the top, but reflective of how much command people expect to have over all the content they see — from linear programming to social feeds. Scrolling, swiping, muting, skipping, and subscribing have become the modern behaviors of users seeking control. Read more...

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Facebook will now be with Australians in death


When you die, Facebook will be there for your loved ones.

The company has rolled out its legacy contact feature in Australia, so you can select one person who can access your account after you die. The feature was released by Facebook in the U.S. in February, but launches in Australia and New Zealand on Wednesday, the social media giant confirmed to Mashable Australia.

It complements Facebook's option to memorialise an account, allowing family members of a deceased person to request their loved one's Facebook profile be either shut down or changed to a "remembering" status Read more...

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Frequent tanner shares graphic selfie of her skin cancer treatment


Despite the warnings and dangers, people still willingly plop into tanning beds.

In order to raise awareness of the dangers of tanning beds, one woman with skin cancer has taken to social media to share a selfie of her blistered skin after going through skin cancer treatment

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Make Social Media Day an official holiday in your city


It's time to pay homage to one of your dearest friends — social media

Social media has revolutionized the way the world communicates. Breaking news can now be shared in 140 characters or less. Long lost friends are just a Facebook friend request away. And keeping up with celebrities has been made easier with Instagram

While every day is essentially Social Media Day, June 30 is a day set aside for us to step back and truly recognize the impact these tools have made on our lives.

In 2010, Mashable launched Social Media Day to celebrate and highlight the ways social media and digital innovation have come to define this generation. Since its launch, Social Media Day has blossomed from a grassroots initiative to a global holiday that is recognized by thousands of people Read more...

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Gay dating app Grindr is looking to hook up with a buyer


Grindr, the gay men's hookup app that has 5 million users, is ready to settle down with a permanent partner

Grindr is reportedly up for sale, according to a report from Bloomberg, with the company having hired advisers to help them find a possible suitor. It's not definite the app will be sold, however, as the company will still need to find an interested buyer and agree to terms.

The company is still owned by Joel Simkhai. The dating app for gay men broke out on the scene in 2009 and quickly became one of the first successful mobile-native services. Its success allowed it to remain independent, thanks in part to its users, who pay $12 a month to use the app, which allows users to find others interested in a hookup nearby Read more...

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