The Russian Embassy Twitter accounts troll like Trump, but with better English

Who needs long-winded phone calls and Marriott conference rooms when you can conduct international diplomacy via subtweet?

The people behind the Twitter accounts for the Russian embassies in the United Kingdom and the United States know this well. For the past two years, these accounts — along with others representing the embassy in Canada and the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs — have been trolling Western powers with an eclectic array of biting, nonsensical, and often quite funny tweets, especially if you don't consider their human consequences. Ethics schmethics. 

Trump may have been declared a "master of Twitter" by the Chris Cillizzas of the world. But when it comes down to it, the Russian Embassy has his tighty little whiteys in a knot. It doesn't take much — unlike Trump, they know not to put a space before a period — and yet, they clearly trump Trump when it comes to the morally flatulent medium they love the most, Twitter. Read more...

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