You can now follow Tumblr searches on your dashboard

If you've ever wished you could see all the pizza-related content the Internet cooks up, Tumblr has granted you a chance to do so. The blogging platform has launched a new feature that lets you follow specific Tumblr searches, just like you would a blog. If you're on your Dashboard screen, type in a search (i.e. "pizza," "Drake" or "puppies") and hit enter. It'll take you to the Search page. Once you're there, click the Follow button that appears on the right side of the search bar. Posts related to that search will appear on your Dashboard along with the posts from blogs you already follow. The only difference is that there will be a follow button for the blog the post is from, as well as a magnifying glass icon at the bottom of the post indicating that it's a search post. Read more... More about Tumblr, Social Media, Apps Software, Dev Design, and Mobile

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